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First Crucial Steps (Trauma Center) - New

TO: Area EMS Squads
FROM: David Davis, Director Emergency & Trauma Services
SUBJECT: Genesis Trauma Timeline
DATE: February 9, 2010

Genesis HealthCare System has long been an advocate for enhanced trauma services in our region. The desire to be a trauma center is well know to the community. Recently we took the first crucial steps to achieve that desire.

In January, we were very fortunate to recruit Dr. Stuart Chow, Trauma Surgeon and Surgical Intensivist. Dr. Chow was formerly the Director of Surgical Intensive Care and Associate Director of Trauma at Grant Medical Center in Columbus. Dr. Chow has joined the Genesis staff to lead the effort towards designation as a Level 3 Trauma Center.

In keeping with the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code, Genesis will continue to treat, stabilize and transfer appropriate trauma patients to higher levels of care, until Provisional status is granted. Provisional status will be granted following a consultative visit by the American College of Surgeons, Committee on Trauma. There is currently a 5-month wait for that process. To that end, we expect a visit sometime in July or August. At that time, we will apply for Provisional status and begin accepting trauma patients for definitive treatment. Within one year of Provisional status, we will apply for verification.

EMS is essential to our success. As we begin the journey to verification, we will be reaching out to enlist your support. Thank you for all your efforts to keep our communities safe and thank you in advance for your assistance as we strive to improve the health of the communities we serve.

ER Reporting

Please, Please, Please, give your report to the receiving ER as soon as you can. This will give the ER time to get needed resources in place, make diversions go smoother, and make for an overall better transition of patient care.

Remember, when we are inbound to the ER we don’t know what’s going on in that ER. Diversions are done for many reasons. If you are not sure of which campus a particular patient should be taken to, you can give your report and be thinking that you may get diverted. This should not be a problem if you give your report early.

When your patient makes the decision to go to Genesis, you need to tell them which campus you will be taking them to and explain why. If you are diverted, make sure you tell your alert patient that you are being diverted and that you do not know why but you are sure it is what’s best for them.

Remember Good Samaritan and Bethesda are different campuses of the same hospital, thus you are not bypassing one hospital to go to another..



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