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"EMSAC" (Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council) of Muskingum County, Ohio was organized to address mandates set forth by House Bill 138 (2003 session). H.B. 138 is a law establishing a standardized trauma care system throughout the State of Ohio and ensuring that patients in need of trauma care are correctly entered into the trauma care system. The state is divided into several regions, governed by Regional Physician Advisory Boards that collaborate with state and local EMS authorities to ensure quality standardized care is rendered to all who summon EMS.

EMSAC came into being in the year 2000, replacing the Muskingum Area Emergency Medical Control Advisory Council (MAEMAC) to provide a better structured medical oversight system for our county's EMS squads. Part of the new structure was the requirement to provide Protocol, Performance Improvement and Review committees aside from the EMSAC Board to create a new, progressive set of protocols derived form the State of Ohio's framework protocol.


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